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How to Make Simple and Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

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Simple and Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

Here's the great homemade deep dish pizza recipe that I'm sure will help you satisfy your craving for homemade pizza. The best homemade pizza recipe for deep dish pizza that I've discussed in this article is very simple and can be easily practiced at your home.

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Recipe
How to Make Simple and Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Recipe
Here's a quick video on how to make homemade deep dish pizza:

What you need to entice anyone with the simple Deep Dish Pizza Recipe:

1.      Let us see the recipes for homemade pizza, which are simple and easy to make. Buy 1 package of pizza dough mix. You can either buy readymade pizza dough or you can make it at home.
2.      Take egg as per your taste. Also take half a cup of milk in a bowl.
3.      In a half a cup of hot water, take olive oil and butter in a bowl.
4.      Take some cheese of your choice and keep them ready.
5.      Now bring a 1-8-10 inch cake pan or pie plate or an oven safe skillet. You should be very careful while choosing a pan because you are going to place it in the oven. So the pan should help cook the pizza evenly.
6.      Once after completing the pizza you can add your desired toppings to garnish the special pizza. You can add olives, cheese, or broccoli. You can choose any of these.
7.   Sauce. If you want you can make your home made sauce by blending tomatoes and  other ingredients like olive oil, salt , pepper and garlic powder or you can buy the readymade one. For making breakfast Pizza recipe, it is better to make your own sauce. It makes the deep dish pizza recipe tastier and the outcome will be of your style.

Directions to make the best homemade deep dish pizza and recipe:

1.      The first step is to preheat the oven to about 400-425 degree Fahrenheit.
2.     Now take a medium size bowl and mix the dough with hot water and work on it and make it a soft ball. Once done you can relax and wait for 5-7 minutes. The important thing to notice while making a deep dish pizza recipe is that the bowl you take should be a little larger so that it allows your hand to work on the dough freely.
3.   To set the homemade pizza dough you can either add hot water or milk. But milk is more preferable for better taste.
4.     Now take your desired pan and grease it with butter or olive oil. Again choosing oil also is of your choice. It depends on your style and taste preference.
5.      At this stage, press the pizza dough which is kept ready into the greased pan.
6.     Now mix the milk and egg, beat it well and spread it on top of the pizza dough. You can follow this step or ignore if you are not a lover of eggs.
7.     While making deep dish pizza recipe, cheese adds more taste and sometimes the edges are left with no cheese. To avoid this mistake, add more cheese on the sides of the pan. When you cook the pizza, it will make its way to the centre.
8.      Now spread the cheese, sauce and the topping and place it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.

9.      Wait and check if the edges have turned golden brown in colour. Once done, take it out and serve it. Before that to complete the deep dish pizza recipe, you can garnish it with broccoli or olives.


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