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How to Make Homemade Pizza Dough

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How to make homemade pizza dough should be the primary concern of all pizza lovers. Making pizza dough is the first step in making homemade pizza. If you ignore the pizza dough, no matter how much effort your put, your pizza might not taste as good as you want. Stay tuned to my posts on homemade pizza recipe and keep yourself updated. 

How to Make Homemade Pizza DoughHow to Make Homemade Pizza Dough

Ingredients for homemade pizza dough:

ü  Warm Water – 1.5 cups
ü  Active dry yeast – 2.25 teaspoons
ü  Olive oil – 2 Tbsp
ü  Bread Flour – 3.5 cups
ü  Sugar – 1 teaspoon 
ü  Salt – 2 teaspoons


This quick video from my friend is gonna help you Make Homemade pizza Dough

Following are the three simple steps in how to make homemade pizza dough

Step 1: Preparing Pizza Dough

Pour the lukewarm water in a large bowl with a heavy-duty stand mixer. Shower the yeast on the lukewarm water and leave the mixture for the next 5 minutes, which helps in dissolving the yeast. Then, stir the mixture until it is completely dissolved. You’ll notice foam coming out indicating the yeast is still alive and active.

Step 2:  Adding Flavour to the Pizza Dough

Mix thoroughly the flour, sugar, salt and olive oil by the help of low-speed mixing paddle attachment for a minute. Switch the mixing paddle attachment with the dough hook attachment. Blend the pizza dough from low to medium speed by the help of dough hook for 10 minutes. The dough finally becomes smooth and elastic.

Step 3: Preparing Pizza Dough for Baking

Apply a thin layer of olive oil on the inner surface of the larger bowl. This is done to make sure the dough is coated the oil. Wrap the dough with a plastic and keep it in a warm place (temperature ranging from 75-850F). After 1 and a half hour, the dough doubles in its size. Remember, more the increase in size, nicer the flavour of the crust. Alternatively, you can set the temperature of your pizza oven at 150 degrees. Then switch off the oven and let it to cool until it is little warm. You can then place the bowl of dough into the heated oven.

After followers these simple steps on how to make homemade pizza dough, you're now ready to make a tasty pizza. You can read my other post on homemade pizza recipe to make a perfect homemade pizza for you and your loved ones.

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