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How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe

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Homemade pizza recipe is something you want to know before an unexpected guest arrives at your door. What if the guest requests you to make a pizza at your home itself because he is already a great admirer of your cooking? I’ve always been a great lover of pizzas, and I keep on experimenting new methods to make pizza fast and easily. In this article too, I’ve not only discussed a simple homemade pizza recipe, but I’ve also written how to make homemade pizza dough. I hope this recipe meets your requirements.
How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe
Homemade Pizza Recipe

Homemade Pizza Recipe

Ingredients for Pizza Dough (for a 10-12 inches pizza)

ü  Warm Water – 1.5 cups
ü  Active dry yeast – 2.25 teaspoons
ü  Bread Flour – 3.5 cups
ü  Olive oil – 2 Tbsp
ü  Salt – 2 teaspoons
ü  Sugar – 1 teaspoon

Ingredients for Pizza (for a 10-12 inches pizza

My Homemade pizza recipe includes following ingredients.

ü  Cornmeal
ü  Olive oil
ü  Smooth or pureed tomato sauce
ü  Grated mozzarella cheese
ü  Grated Parmesan cheese
ü  Crumbled feta cheese
ü  Thinly sliced Mushrooms
ü  Thinly sliced bell peppers (seeds and stems removed)
ü  Crumbled and cooked ahead Italian sausage
ü  Basil, chopped and fresh
ü  Pesto
ü  Thinly sliced pepperoni
ü  Thinly sliced onions
ü  Thinly sliced Ham

Necessary equipment

ü  A pizza stone is highly advised if you want crispy crust. Yum!
ü  A flat baking sheet or a pizza peel
ü  A pizza wheel (or a knife will also work)


Making Homemade Pizza Dough

In my homemade pizza recipe, the first step is making homemade pizza dough. Making homemade pizza dough is easy if you follow the steps on how to make homemade pizza dough. The explained steps are easy to understand and you'll make a perfect homemade pizza dough for yourself.

Making the Pizza

Here is an easy homemade pizza recipe that will make you a mouthwatering pizza.
1. In the lower third of your oven, keep a pizza stone. Preheating the oven at 4500F for 30-60 minutes is necessary.
2. Separate the plastic cover from the dough. Punch the dough such that it deflate a bit. Make 2 halves of the dough to form 2 round balls of dough. Keep them in their respective bowl and cover them with plastic for next 10 minutes.
How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe
3. DO NOT over-load the pizza with too much of toppings­–this will make the crust not crispy the way it should be. To be specific, one-third of a cup of cheese and tomato sauce would be enough for 1 pizza. Thinly sliced one or two mushrooms will blanket a pizza.
How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe
4. When the dough is ready, take one use your hands to flatten it. Make sure the work surface is slightly floured. Start from the centre and move outwards. Use your fingertips to push the dough giving it an approximate thickness of 0.5 inch. Give 5 minutes time for the dough to relax and then again continue the same procedure until you get the desired diameter, which is 10-12 inches in our case. To make the pizza look attractive, you can pinch the edges to form a lip.

5. To avoid sogginess from the toppings, apply a thin layer of olive oil. Pressing down and making dents throughout the surface will prevent bubbling. Do the same for another ball of dough too.
How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe
6. Sprinkle lightly your pizza peel with corn meal. Bring one prepared flattened dough into the pizza peal. Reshape the pizza if you think it got deformed while transferring.

How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe7. Add a layer of tomato sauce and sprinkle it with cheese. Then add your desired toppings on the pizza.

8. On the baking stone in the oven, shower some cornmeal. Make sure the dough is not sticking on the stone. If it’s sticking, add apply some more cornmeal. Remove the pizza once the cheese is golden and the crust is brown. This generally is achieved in 10-15 minutes.

Your homemade pizza is ready!
How to Make Homemade Pizza and Pizza Dough Recipe

Your pizza is now ready to be served. I'm sure your unexpected guest will love your homemade pizza recipe. All the best!

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